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January 01, 2009



Uncle Keith, your insights are fucking scary man. (And too right on!)

Happy New Year to you too.


Gaia...and i'm all with you on this. Gaia is the concept that the earth, in itself, is a living organism that, itself, evolves to whatever stresses are put on it. we just happen to be the current top-o'-the-food-chain parasitically attacking the place. if we kill ourselves off by 'giving Gaia a fever', then we deserve it and Gaia won't miss us.

damn, you made me think on a friday morning...bastard.

happy new year, unclekeith




have you been listening to lazyboy?



suppose i'd be more motivated to keep the fucking weight off if i couldn't hide under a parka for 4 months of the year...

Bunk Strutts

The only reason we were put on earth in the first place was because the animals couldn't hack it on their own and were going extinct in massive numbers. Then we came along to balance things out.

We saved the blue spotted snail grunion. What other species have done half as much?

None. No other group of animals has done as much as we have, so let's eat 'em.

Bunk Strutts

Sorry. I forgot to say "fuck" somewhere in the comment above.

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